EAU DE COLOGNE [First Two Issues]
FUCK YOU: A Magazine of the Arts - Number 5, Vol. 4
[Original Poster for "afro/rock night with Assagai" at Hull University]
JADE PRESENTS ... IGGY POP [Concert Flyer]
[Original Flyer for Aug. 13th, 1982 Hardcore Show at the A7 Annex]
NAKED CITY [Ex-Libris Ralph Ingersoll, Founder of PM Newspaper]
KULCHUR - Vol. 2 No. 5 - Spring 1962


What the heck does "intrinsically fascinating, important, or unusual books" actually mean?

Like many dealers, we regularly wears a bare patch in the parochial carpet of our own narrow interests (Beat and other modern literatures, poetry, The New York School, the Mimeo Revolution, the avant-garde in its various guises). However, our Bookselling Concern aims for a selection which transcend the tyranny of our own tastes. In other words, we attempt (though often fail) to specialize not in any particular genres, but in an aesthetic of sorts - albeit one subject to the whims and fancies of the proprietor. We specialize in amusement and beguilement. In curiousity and wonder. In surprise, whimsy, and entertainment. We seek material without prejudice that will impress, astonish, shock, and delight.


We aim for eclecticism.

Will you buy my book(s)?

Depends on the book(s) in question. Maybe. Can't hurt to ask, but please see our sell books page [under construction] first.

I just placed an order. How long until it ships?

Most orders are shipped within two business days. An email notification with delivery confirmation or tracking number is sent upon mailing. If time is of the essence, please let us know and we will strive (though cannot guarantee) to ship with one business day. Unfortunately, we do not ship on Saturdays.

I need a book tomorrow. Can you overnight it?

In most cases, yes. But as a small operation, scheduling may sometimes prevent our ability to accommodate last-minute requests. We will happily make every effort, however.
Can you gift-wrap my purchase?


And enclose a card?

A small one, sure.

Can I get one of those funny Shoebox cards? Ooh! Or how about one that plays a song when you open it up!?

Um, no. Sorry.

Can I meet this Brian Cassidy, Bookseller you keep referring to?

Yes! Brian Cassidy, Bookseller is available for viewing. Please see our Events and/or Visit pages for more information.

Can you tell me what my book is worth?

Without seeing a book in person, it is impossible (and unethical) to offer an estimation of the value of a book. No, not even with lots of pictures. No, not even if you say "Pretty please." I do offer appraisal services for tax, estate, insurance and donation purposes. Please see our Services page for further details.

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