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VOLK WOHER, VOLK WOHIN? Erbbiologie im Lichte des Judentums. ["Where did we come from, Where are we going? Genetics in the Light of Judaism" - Holograph Manuscript with Additional Research Notes and Source Material]

[World War II]: [Eugenics]. HEINEMANN, A.[Alfred]

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[Saarlouis, Germany]: [ca. 1936]. Holograph manuscript of 210 leaves, with an additional ca. 70 leaves (mixed typescript and holograph) comprising research notes, bibliography, and related drafts. Written in a neat but hard-to-decipher (especially for this non-German cataloguer) hand. Together with a large archive of original source material, including newspaper clippings, pamphlets, periodical issues, and ephemera. Manuscript pages irregularly numbered, many pages with extensive holograph corrections and editorial markings in the author's hand. It is unclear, based on pagination, whether the manuscript is complete; a few sections appear unfinished. Newspaper clippings fragile, many with losses, now conserved in archival sleeves. A full inventory is available on request. (Item ID: 19875)

Substantial, lengthy, and unpublished treatise by a German-Jewish author, on the genetics of the Jewish race, along with extensive research materials. Apparently written, perhaps naÔvely, with the intention of justifying the eugenic character of generations of Jewish racial intermarriage and providing "uplift" to German Jews in the face of growing state-sponsored antisemitic sentiment.†Heinemann, a general medical doctor with a practice in the German-French border city of Saarlouis, provides a scholarly, deeply-sourced treatise on the nature of genetics and heredity, theories of race-classification, and the particular characteristics of the genetics of the Jewish race which, he appears to theorize, have been affected by Jewish Talmudic law ("le-mino") and by the millenia of suffering of the Jewish people. Heinemann's argument is essentially a eugenic one, and indeed the largest section of his manuscript is devoted to "Die Eugenik des Judentums," with sub-sections dealing with such topics as "Man as the reflection of God's image," "Jews as God's people," and "Jewish intermarriage." The work concludes with surveys of Jewish culture around the world and a discussion of eugenic movements in those nations where Jews have established significant populations.†The phenomenon of a German Jew writing on the subject of eugenics at the height of Nazi power is perhaps less ironic than it would seem at first glance. Race-theory and eugenics had become a major preoccupation of German medical thought as early as the 1880s, and Jewish scientists (who comprised the majority of the German medical profession until the drafting of the Nuremberg Race Laws of 1935) were among the most important contributors to German genetic science. But given the special nature of this work, and the epically bad timing of its author, it is no surprise that it never found a German publisher.†Acommpanying the manuscript is a large archive of related source material, in the form of newspaper clippings, offprints, pamphlets, journal issues, and correspondence, all dated between 1933 and 1937, which appear to have been the years Heinemann was at work on his manuscript. These include substantial excerpts from the Berlin Jewish daily newspaper Israelitisches Tagebl‰tt (with many pertinent articles marked with red pencil); several issues of the Orthodox German-language newspaper Der Israelit;† 48 complete issues of J¸disches Bibliothek, the literary supplement to the Israelitisches Tagebl‰tt; and numerous pamphlets and offprints, including what appears to be the only issue published of the Mitteilungsblatt des J¸dischen Buchhandels (Jan 1938), an ill-fated journal of the German-Jewish book trade. A complete list of these additions is available on request aswell.†Dr. Alfred Heinemann appears to have emigrated to New York by way of England, probably following the Krystallnacht uprising of November, 1938. We find him on the board of a local medical society in Dunkirk, New York in 1940. In the Nazi Restitution files of the state archive of Saarbrucken, Heinemann is still listed as a New York resident in 1951, when he received compensation for the loss of his house, a building plot, and outbuildings in Saarlouis.†The Leo Baeck Institute (New York) holds a finished typescript of this manuscript.

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