KULCHUR - Vol. 2 No. 5 - Spring 1962
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JADE PRESENTS ... IGGY POP [Concert Flyer]
NAKED CITY [Ex-Libris Ralph Ingersoll, Founder of PM Newspaper]
FUCK YOU: A Magazine of the Arts - Number 5, Vol. 4
[Original Poster for "afro/rock night with Assagai" at Hull University]

[Small Collection of Correspondence between Dick Higgins and Arthur & Glee Knight, 1973-1976]

[Something Else Press. HIGGINS, Dick; Arthur & Glee KNIGHT

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(1973-1976). Nine TLS on various stationary (including one on Something Else Press letterhead, one with Higginsí business card attached, and a postcard. All materials fine, with the exception of a small tear in the center of a single letter. (Item ID: 15764)

An occasionally acrimonious group of correspondence between writer, artist, and Something Else founder Dick Higgins and publishers Arthur & Glee Knight. The correspondence begins with a xeroxed call for entries for a COSMEP catalog, along with a xeroxed letter on COSMEP stationary sent as a reminder for contributors to forward their contributions. Stapled to the top of these two items is a TLS dated May 10, 1972 from the Knights detailing their instructions for the printing of their page in said catalog. In reply is a TLS from Higgins on a Note-a-Gram form from Something Else, signed in ink and with the carbon duplication sheet still attached, describing the difficulties of printing the page according to their instructions. In reply is a terse typed letter on Unspeakable Visions stationary: ìDick: you obviously have more in common with the President than just your name.î The reply from Higgins follows on May 21st, requesting that the Knights stop sending him insulting letters and submit their corrected page. A lengthier TLS from Arthur & Glee follows, which begins: ìThereíre so many assholes in the small press scene...î but concludes on a conciliatory note. A TLS on Something Else stationary follows in a warmer vein, attesting to the financial difficulties of the small press world, with reference to a Canadian librarian downstairs looking to buy his archives, and hopefully fund another few Something Else titles. The correspondence picks up again three years later, with a TLS from Arthur in response to a call for entries by Higgins for his Erotikon. (Also included is a handsomely letterpress printed card from Higgins calling for entries). The next piece is the carbon Note-a-Gram sheet from Higgins, with a response typed directly on the sheet by Knight concerning his entry, and signed by him in red ink. The correspondence concludes with a TLS from Higgins on a Note-a-Gram. Attached is Higginsí business card with phone numbers inked on. A fascinating correspondence between the proprietors of two important underground presses, exemplifying some of the stresses and perils involved as clearly as any such material weíve seen before.

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