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[Collection of Five Early Holograph Set-Lists and Flyers]

[Husker Du]

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Minneapolis: (1980-81). Five holograph setlists over seven leaves, from 11î x 8.5î to 22î x 8.5î. All penned or penciled to versos of various Minneapolis music flyers. Two in Bob Mould's hand, remainder possibly in second hand (either Hart or Norton), but likely Mould's as well. Generally very good with expected folds, creasing, and wear. One setlist on oversized flyer (1/12/81) cleanly split down middle between sets one and two, likely at time of composition. This setlist also shows mild running to some of the ink (sweat?), not effecting legibility. Another (12/30/80) includes only second set (ì2î prominently noted and circled at top). All lists additionally penciled by original collector, who noted locations and dates of each gig in a tiny, unobtrusive hand. Dates included: 11/22/80 (at 7th St. Entry, on verso of undated Sam's promo flyer), 12/13/80 (7th St. Entry, second set only, on verso of different undated Sam's promo flyer), 1/12/81 (7th St. Entry, on verso of Sam's flyer advertising Jan. 22nd, 1981 show by Nona Hendrix and Zero Cool), 2/3/81 (7th St. Entry, on verso of January 1981 calendar from same, which lists the 1/12 show above, as well as two shows by the Replacements), and 8/27/81 (7th St. Entry, on versos of two different Sam's flyers ó one a Sept. 1981 calendar listing shows from H¸sker D¸, The Replacements, and the db's, the second for a Sept. 17th Screaming Urge gig). (Item ID: 15745)

Collection of early setlists from seminal band H¸sker D¸ for shows in their hometown of Minneapolis, all predating the release of their debut album LAND SPEED RECORD, and all but one predating its recording. More so than for any of their contemporaries, the setlist was an integral part of H¸sker D¸, not only because of the band's legendary live shows and incessant touring, but because even from an early date H¸sker had an extensive catalogue. By the time of the first gig represented here, the band had more than 50 songs to their name. And throughout their career the band experimented with live performances arguably more than any of the other prominent punk bands of the period. Husker was known for performing multiple sets, rotating songs, and blistering performances that blurred the lines between the beginnings and ends of their often notoriously brief songs. Indeed, Husker's first album was a live LP. The best H¸sker resource remains the website H¸sker D¸ Database (http://www.thirdav.com/hddb.shtml), as complete a record of the band as exists anywhere. None of these sets, however, are recorded (indeed it appears that almost all the known setlists from this period originate with bootleg recordings), and the final show here represented is not recorded in the database at all. Therefore, a significant primary record of one of the most influential bands to emerge from 1980s alternative music, coupled with flyers that offer a small portrait of the burgeoning Twin Cities ìcollege rockî scene.

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